Speaker Information

Are you part of a WI / U3A / Ladies Group or a group in general looking for a fun and uplifting speaker? 
Talk #1 ’The Life and Times of a Mumpreneur’
I take you on a journey through my life and how I was brought up on a garden nursery, to becoming a florist, to working for the Inland Revenue , getting married , having a family, going to New Zealand, to then setting up my own business with £250 - to now having a £45,000 turnover. I talk about a multitude of topics with autism being one of them,
I am very motivated and quite an inspiration having had many ups and plenty of knock backs.
Talk #2  'Mumpreneur, Parenting, Autism and Me'
This talk has been inspired due to my 13yr old son having a huge melt down on his 13th birthday in the car park at Teesside Park. Unfortunately my husband and I were frowned upon and tutted at by a couple in their late 50's. This caused me a huge amount of upset and I would like to raise awareness to all I can about Autism and living with the disability. 

I bring a few greeting cards that are available to purchase at the meeting however there is no pressure and I often forget that they are there. It is very informal 
My fee is £50 plus £ for a fuel allowance 
Please either e-mail or phone on 
07843 682570